They say the birds don’t sing at Auschwitz. You might think the same would be true of the Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated…
"Many cities make music, but no city breathes music quite like Memphis. The songs and sounds that come from here are uniquely American." – Shawn Amos
Southern towns like Clemson, SC, have a difficult past when it comes to race. Does college football improve these issues or make them worse?
On an abridged food tour I taste a classic, an upstart, and the origins of a chain. One of them turns out to be the best fried chicken I've ever had...
I part ways with new friends, learn about fractal elves, and meet a xenophobic goth. Then the magic of the night vanishes immediately 🙃
Every year NASCAR fans descend on Talladega and put $400+ million into the local economy. For some residents, it feels like more driving in circles.
I make friends out of strangers, tap the bar, and hear about drug hauls by disembodied legs, in a (supposedly) boring city some call Naptown.
When Brits think Florida, they think Disney World. But it's also a family reunion capital, the home of McTiki, and where I met a redneck oracle.
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